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The Mindset of 7-Figure Entrepreneur with Jessica Williamson

January 06, 2022 Episode 59
Magnetic with Milana Sarenac
The Mindset of 7-Figure Entrepreneur with Jessica Williamson
Show Notes

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly a 7-figure entrepreneur thinks, this podcast episode is for you.

Jess Williamson is an award winning mindset & business coach and serial entrepreneur having run 4 businesses in the last 5 years… it’s safe to say, Jess loves to keep busy! 

Jess has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Channel 9 news and the West Australian, to name a few, for her expertise in growing businesses online. 

In the last 2 years, Jess has found her true passion in her work as a business coach. Through her 1:1 coaching and Dreamers & Doers Membership she loves helping other female entrepreneurs unleash their potential and believe than anything is truly possible! Combine that with her coaching certifications, experience in business and her innovative strategies for growth, you’re going to get a tonne out of this conversation with Jess!

But what stood out the most is the way she describes how she created so much epic success in such a short period of time. 

And hint, hint: it’s allllll about the mindset and the beliefs she cultivated that supported her to take the actions that led to her success.

And this is why this episode is pure gold - because you get to actually learn what the beliefs are of those “unicorn entrepreneurs” who find success so quickly.

I know that just listening to this episode will shift something in you, and I’m so excited for you to tune in.

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